Client will benefit from Sinergi’s proven best practices for providing employees with a clean, safe, and orderly environment through our cleaning and housekeeping services.

Cleaning strategies must be made to better improve the appearance and hygiene value of the sites. This needs to be done periodically, more discipline and persistnt to maintain the performance of all aeas of the building and its facilities.

Sinergi views adequate cleaning as one of the most important and recurring tasks in all its operations. We train our staff in quality procedures and customer service to build character and confidence in the local workforce, and to ensure our efforts contribute to safe and orderly life.

Housekeeping services are normally performed during daytime hours; however, this schedule can be modified to suit Client’s requirements. Sinergi will work with Client to determine exact cleaning hours, both housekeeping and janitorial services, without disturbing the activities in the facility.

Client can expect that cleaning will be consistent and thorough in every area of the facilities:

  1. Public or General area
  2. Restroom Area
  3. Office Area
  4. Shopping Mall Area / Recreation area
  5. Warehouse Area
  6. Other Area

Sinergi’s cleaning programme is aimed at ensuring all areas are safe and hygienic, protecting and preserving buildings, fittings and fixtures, and producing a socially acceptable environment.