We provide a full range of Facilities Management Services, from basics like Cleaning and Housekeeping, Security to high-end specialist services like our Energy Audit Service and Building Maintenance Service.

For us, integrated facilities management means a tailor-making a package that does not just fit Client’s needs so that they can focus on their business core, but also to fit their geographical and business profile, and working culture.

It also means that Sinergi will be providing services through our own teams, rather than through complex supply chains, which only duplicate management levels and margins.

We pride ourselves on giving you the best of both worlds: all the efficiency savings of outsourcing, plus the same degree of control, commitment and accountability you would have if you did it all in-house.

Maintenance Programs:
1. Predictive Maintenance
2. Corrective Maintenance
3. Preventive Maintenance

Our services include:
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Civil Work Services

a. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, which includes: Chiller, AHU, FCU, Cassette, Split unit, Exhaus fan, Chiller Pump
b. Plumbing, which includes: Sanitary, Piping, Pumps
c. Electrical, which includes: lighting,Transformers, LVMDP, MDV, Thermography, Fire Protection Equipment
d. Mechanical, which includes: Power Generation, Pumps
e. Pest control
f. Kitchen Equipment
g. Hospital Equipment

Minor Building Renovation:
1. Wall & Floor Repair (Ceiling, Curtain, Ceramic/Marble Crystallization)
2. Repaint & Coating (Wall, Pipe, etc.)
3. Kitchen & Washroom Upgrade
4. Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance
5. Expatriate Housing Maintenance

Our Coverage Building Maintenance Service areas in Indonesia:

We have been trusted to handle more than 40 branches in Jabodetabek area and outside Java to assist our clients in monitorig their facilities.

Balikpapan Banjarmasin Batam Jakarta
Jambi Kediri Makassar Malang
Manado Mataram Medan Padang
Palembang Pasuruan Pekanbaru Pontianak
Semarang Solo Yogyakarta

Building maintenance needs to be done periodically, more discipline and persistent to maintain the appearance and performance for each assets. Therefore, staffs need to be well trained about the awareness of work standards.

Problems that building owners usually encounter in the maintenance or management of their properties. Having acquired the relevant background knowledge, building owners can be in a better position to assess the conditions of their properties.

Solutions to some common problems, SIS will suggest detailed steps, alternatives, rectification measures and methods together with the experienced management and staff. Building maintenance, apart from covering the basic security and cleanliness aspects of buildings, SIS will also coordinate and include implementation of maintenance plans to ensure a safe and pleasant living environment. Surveillance can be strategically combined with inspection for scheduled maintenance, and in this part, SIS will do close monitoring for the maintenance. It would be beneficial to Client in engaging the same personnel in carrying out both duties.

Prevention is better than cure…! SIS will implement the timely maintenance for all the assets. Defects create hazards leading to serious or fatal injuries. Most defects can, at their early stages, be discovered through visible or detectable symptoms. If not promptly rectified, minor defects can develop into serious ones, causing failure or sudden collapse, endangering lives and becoming more costly to rectify.